Sunday, May 22, 2016

Am I in Love?

Have you found someone that you may like and they like you? It is the beginning of the friendship. You feel something for him or her but don't know how to react. Do you get butterflies deep inside? It is them that share your heart and their is no one else that can't compare. When you around someone of the opposite sex, all you think about is them.

Yes, it is love!

What is love? It is when we care for someone deep in our heart. You have a strong affection and you want to get close to the opposite sex or the same sex.

Can I love someone?

Yes, you can!

If you are willing to open you heart and make room for love, it is possible. Everyone wants that special person in their life. You may date and that is fine. But you may want to settling down if you have found the right person. No one wants to be alone forever.

The question is, Are you ready to love?

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