Friday, April 28, 2017

To Succeeding in Life!



As midnight hits, a new day has arrived. It is a chance for a fresh start or a do-over. Then shortly after the sun rises which will open up a wide view for you to see. An opportunity awaits for you. Don't cease your plans for success. This day is yours to conquer. Strive and give it your all. Now you can rest at night and know you did your best. A job well done!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day


A Valentine's Day Poem

My heart races when you are around.

My eyes sparkle from looking at you.

My body trembles when you touch me.

My ears cherish the amazing sounds when you talk.

My affection for you has always been there.

Here is my love to you, My Valentine!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Love Month!

Is Your Valentine Sweet as Wine?

                                               Someone you cherish all the time.
                                               That you would drop everything so fast.
                                               Since they are worth every dime.
                                               Knowing your love is your first and your last.

                                               They make your heart beat.
                                               When it's who you love.
                                               You won't cheat.
                                               Feeling like you are floating above.

                                               Everything you do is because you care.
                                               Love keeps you home at night.
                                               Seeing the opposite sex won't make you stare.
                                               Since you don't want to fight.

                                               My Valentine is like wine.
                                               Cupid keeps me in line.
                                               I don't stay out past nine.
                                               My love is forever mine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Teens Get Confidence Today!

It isn't easy being a teen. Yes, it is complicated. You will get through it. Here are some proven tips and solutions to help you during these times.

Understanding You:
Find out who you are. Meaning everything that you like to do and what involves you. Take the time to evaluate your thoughts. If you need to talk to someone, don't be afraid.

Be honest. Tell the truth and set yourself free.

Loving Yourself:
Choose you! Love yourself.

Being happy is the key. Can you maintain this? Well, it's not that hard.

Don't let nobody ruin your day. Stay positive. And as long as you are good with the shoes you are in then you will be fine.

Remember to always love yourself!


This is how you feel about yourself.

Low Self-esteem:

1.) Denial

2.) Putting the blame on others

3.) Depression

4.) Fear of change

High Self-esteem:

1.) Being responsible

2.) Self-respect

3.) Admitting your faults

4.) Listening to other points of view

"If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right" - Mary Kay Ash

"Listen! Encourage. Say something. Do something. Be Yourself. Love" -Rev. Dale Turner

Addressing Your Spouse When Arriving Home From Work

My spouse comes home from work and barely says anything to me. I started to hold a conversation. Something told me not to carry on. Before I knew it, he had walked away.

Does he hear me

Maybe he doesn't want to talk right now. Let him unwind. Once he is rested up then they will come around. Don't attack him verbally or physically. Keep your distance, You didn't do anything wrong. Try not to blame yourself. After all, you wanted attention. Then again, you didn't think how he felt.

Does he care about me?

Yes, he does. You are the love of his life. You are the one that he had wanted to be with. So, yes he cares. It may not seem like it but think about when he went without something just for you. Do you remember the time when you was sick and he got medicine, soup and ginger ale for you? Oh, on your birthday; there was always a card for you when up woke up. Also, you don't have to cook since he wined and dined you.

Why do I worry?

That is what people tend to do. It's part of being human. When it comes to the one you love, we just want to know that we make them happy. At times things may seem wrong. They may be distance or might had a bad day at work. A family member could have of lost their life. Through it all, your mind is very emotional. You don't know what to think. Your eyes are unclear and you can't focus

This is something that can't be controlled. It happens. You can't help it. Don't worry, you will get through it.

10 Effective Ways to Talk to Your Spouse

1.) Make time

2.) Be an active listener

3.) Say please and thank you

4.) Develop trust and respect

5.) Stay calm

6.) Small talk

7.) Don't be afraid

8.) Don't do the silent treatment(ignoring the other person)

9.) Don't expect a mind reader

10.) Let each other know what you like

Monday, January 16, 2017



Real Love

Do you believe in real love? We all get that feeling when we are attracted to someone and grew to know them deeply. Then the spark comes and leaves us wanting more.

So, we ask ourselves; is it real love? For wanting to care about the happiness of another human being without any meaning for what we might get ourselves.

All we know is when we mess up and our lives take a wrong turn. And no matter what, that person who you had fallen in love with was there to ease your pain. Also, they gave their ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to keep you from falling.

Is It Love?

Am I ready to give my heart to someone else?

Will they accept me for who I am?

Do I love him or her?

What am I really feeling?

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leap fences, penetrates walls to arrive to its destination full of hope
.”  – Maya Angelou

“My Love For You”

From day one
When I laid my eyes on you
The heart game was done
Without a clue
It was so true
That the love we share is real
And it is never-ending how we feel
Being with you is a good idea,
You complete me
My heart never skips a beep
Since you hold the key
I can always sleep,
My Love For You
Is so real
There is no denying how I feel
Being with you is my life’s seal,

Now tell me, is this real love?


Do you want someone to like you? Be yourself and don’t change for anyone. You need to have dignity which can lead to making yourself happy.

“Everyone is looking for a specific person they want to get to know.”

Don’t worry because the suitable admirer will accept you for who you are and how you carry yourself. And no matter what the circumstances are, show your inner-self.


I believe I am important.

I believe that I was put on earth for a reason.

I have confidence in myself.

I know that I can get through this.

I trust my intuition.

“Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.” – Wizard of Oz

“Be Yourself”

Be who you are
Have dignity
Make yourself happy
Don’t let anyone change you,

“Be Yourself”

Everyone is different
You are only human
It is your choice
Live your life,

“Be Yourself”

Despite the situation
Aim to what is important
Show your inner-self,

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 Ways To Be A Gentleman To A Lady

A true gentleman is when a man goes out of his way to do something for others because it is the right thing to do. He is respectful to all women and girls.

1.) Open doors for your lady.
When entering and exiting out of the house. Getting in and out the car.

2.) Walk closest to the curb.
On occasional or evening walks with your lady; walk near the curb or edge of the sidewalk.

3.) Listen.No matter what, always listen to any conversation.

4.) Give compliments.
Tell her how lovely she looks.

5.) Offer your jacket.
Keep her warm when it's cold outside.

6.) Pay for dinner.
 Treat your woman out to eat and pay for her meal.

7.) Have table manners.
Don't talk with food in your mouth. Try not to be in a hurry to get done with eating.

8.) Get her safely to her door.
 Make sure she makes it home safely and is inside before you leave.

9.) Never hit a woman.
 Everyone argues but no matter what; never raise your hands up at a lady.

10.) Go out of your way to show that you care.
Be thoughtful of her every single day. Help when needed. Do something out of the ordinary.

Being a gentleman shouldn't jeopardize your relationship. It's something that should be done with the goodness of your heart. Men are honoring all women and girls even when it comes to the women of their family and friends. And this should be shown not only to the one you desire.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog!