Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Love Month!

Is Your Valentine Sweet as Wine?

                                               Someone you cherish all the time.
                                               That you would drop everything so fast.
                                               Since they are worth every dime.
                                               Knowing your love is your first and your last.

                                               They make your heart beat.
                                               When it's who you love.
                                               You won't cheat.
                                               Feeling like you are floating above.

                                               Everything you do is because you care.
                                               Love keeps you home at night.
                                               Seeing the opposite sex won't make you stare.
                                               Since you don't want to fight.

                                               My Valentine is like wine.
                                               Cupid keeps me in line.
                                               I don't stay out past nine.
                                               My love is forever mine.

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