Monday, January 16, 2017


Real Love

Do you believe in real love? We all get that feeling when we are attracted to someone and grew to know them deeply. Then the spark comes and leaves us wanting more.

So, we ask ourselves; is it real love? For wanting to care about the happiness of another human being without any meaning for what we might get ourselves.

All we know is when we mess up and our lives take a wrong turn. And no matter what, that person who you had fallen in love with was there to ease your pain. Also, they gave their ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to keep you from falling.

Is It Love?

Am I ready to give my heart to someone else?

Will they accept me for who I am?

Do I love him or her?

What am I really feeling?

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leap fences, penetrates walls to arrive to its destination full of hope
.”  – Maya Angelou

“My Love For You”

From day one
When I laid my eyes on you
The heart game was done
Without a clue
It was so true
That the love we share is real
And it is never-ending how we feel
Being with you is a good idea,
You complete me
My heart never skips a beep
Since you hold the key
I can always sleep,
My Love For You
Is so real
There is no denying how I feel
Being with you is my life’s seal,

Now tell me, is this real love?


Do you want someone to like you? Be yourself and don’t change for anyone. You need to have dignity which can lead to making yourself happy.

“Everyone is looking for a specific person they want to get to know.”

Don’t worry because the suitable admirer will accept you for who you are and how you carry yourself. And no matter what the circumstances are, show your inner-self.


I believe I am important.

I believe that I was put on earth for a reason.

I have confidence in myself.

I know that I can get through this.

I trust my intuition.

“Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.” – Wizard of Oz

“Be Yourself”

Be who you are
Have dignity
Make yourself happy
Don’t let anyone change you,

“Be Yourself”

Everyone is different
You are only human
It is your choice
Live your life,

“Be Yourself”

Despite the situation
Aim to what is important
Show your inner-self,

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