Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Addressing Your Spouse When Arriving Home From Work

My spouse comes home from work and barely says anything to me. I started to hold a conversation. Something told me not to carry on. Before I knew it, he had walked away.

Does he hear me

Maybe he doesn't want to talk right now. Let him unwind. Once he is rested up then they will come around. Don't attack him verbally or physically. Keep your distance, You didn't do anything wrong. Try not to blame yourself. After all, you wanted attention. Then again, you didn't think how he felt.

Does he care about me?

Yes, he does. You are the love of his life. You are the one that he had wanted to be with. So, yes he cares. It may not seem like it but think about when he went without something just for you. Do you remember the time when you was sick and he got medicine, soup and ginger ale for you? Oh, on your birthday; there was always a card for you when up woke up. Also, you don't have to cook since he wined and dined you.

Why do I worry?

That is what people tend to do. It's part of being human. When it comes to the one you love, we just want to know that we make them happy. At times things may seem wrong. They may be distance or might had a bad day at work. A family member could have of lost their life. Through it all, your mind is very emotional. You don't know what to think. Your eyes are unclear and you can't focus

This is something that can't be controlled. It happens. You can't help it. Don't worry, you will get through it.

10 Effective Ways to Talk to Your Spouse

1.) Make time

2.) Be an active listener

3.) Say please and thank you

4.) Develop trust and respect

5.) Stay calm

6.) Small talk

7.) Don't be afraid

8.) Don't do the silent treatment(ignoring the other person)

9.) Don't expect a mind reader

10.) Let each other know what you like

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