Monday, May 23, 2016

What's Hot? An YA Book!

Chapter 1

A loud, long buzz goes off. Andrea turns it off and gets dress for school. As she grabs her bag, the doorbell rings. It is her big mouthed know it all friend, Rhonda. They have been friends since elementary. These two are close like they were sisters. In ups or down situations they are there for each other. They are like two peas in a pod.

“Hey girl, are ready to roll?” “Yes, I have been waiting for this day for so long.” Andrea said.

Off to school they go. It is not that far away. These two have been car-pooling or tagging along to school for a long time. This maybe the last time they will ride together. On the way, they had picked up two of their friends that were walking.

“Hi, Mike and Julian, hop in.” Rhonda said. “What’s happening Andrea? What are you and Rhonda are getting into tonight?” Mike says. “Nothing much, just kickin’ it. How about you and Julian meet up with us at my house?” Andrea said. “Alright, that’s what’s up! We will see you at your crib later.” Mike says.

Everyone splits and goes to class. The bell has rung, Andrea is seated and daydreaming about the guy that she hopes is out there for her. Meanwhile, thump-thump the teacher knocks on her desk. “Andrea, would you please tell the class about your dream? Since you were smiling so much, it had to be a good one. The teacher claimed. “No, ma’am, I forgot. It won’t happen again.” Andrea said.

The bell rings and Andrea dashes through the hall to meet her best friend Rhonda. As she runs, her long straight hair swings side to side. Andrea’s brown eyes were wide open. She moves her tall and thin framed body through the hallway quickly. As she approaches the car, she waves to Rhonda. “Hey girl, it’s about time you came out. Let’s go!” Rhonda says.


Back at Andrea’s house. They are having a girl talk. Rhonda looks through her closet. “This is slamming!” She pulls out a short mini-skirt outfit that had a glittering glow to it.
“Girl, put that back! It is for a special occasion.” Andrea says.

Andrea and Rhonda left the house. Mike and Julian were waiting for them to come out.

“Hello, ladies! Are you ready to party? I know a new skating rink that is off the hook.” Mike says. “Alright Rhonda, take us there.” Andrea said.


They have all been friends for a long time. Andrea and Rhonda first met in elementary school. Andrea was very shy. She was nervous and afraid of meeting people then Rhonda came along. She helped her overcome her shyness. They were the best of friends and still are today.

Chapter 2

Everyone is in the car. All they could think about was getting turned up. It has been a while since the crew had hung out. “Yo! Rhonda, put that on blast mode. That is my ish!” Mike shouted. “I gotcha Mike.”

The loud music is all you can hear. They are on the way to Kate’s Skating Rink. “Hey Mike, where is this place at?” “Further down I-74. Keep going we are almost there. “Okay.” “How did you find out about this spot?” “A friend of mine had told me about it. A few people from our school hang out there. And I heard that it is off the chain. Just wait, you will see with your own eyes.”

“Snap out of it Andrea. What are you daydreaming about over there? Not much longer until we will be laughing and having a good time.” Rhonda says. “Nothing much, I guess I am tripping. I am ready for this night. We are going to rock that skating rink. All eyes will be on us.”


“Here it is!” Mike yells. Kate’s Skating Rink. “Are y’all ready for this?” Time to get crunk!
“Oh, heck yeah! I can’t wait to drop it like it’s hot. How about you, Andrea?” Rhonda asked.
“You know me. I am feeling this.”
“Just what I had thought. Let’s go! Mike, lead the way.” Rhonda tells him.

“That table right there is ours.”
“Perfect!” Rhonda says.
“Wow, this place looks amazing.” Andrea said.
“You got that right!”


Now, they are discussing what they want to eat and drink. Everyone sits down and began chatting away. The food was great. The employees were very polite. They had taken the orders down and in no time the food was done. It was nice and hot. The place was very clean, spotless with shiny tables. They had a game room down near the front entrance. It was not too crowded. Everyone was all there for good times. Skating and kicking it with your friends, oh it will be a great night.


“Julian, you haven’t said a word all night.
What’s up man? I am your boy. You can tell me anything.” Mike says.
“My girl and I had a fight. She is mad because I forgot to call her.”
“She will be alright. Don’t sweat it.”

“Everyone come on! It is time to get our roller skates and hit the floor. Don’t let me catch y’all sitting or falling on your behind.” Mike commanded. “The last one on the floor has to turn in all of our skates tonight. Hurry, hurry.” Mike laughs.

All of them races with their skates on. Hip hop music was playing. Each of them was going fast to keep up with the beat. Rhonda and Andrea skate beside each other.

“It is really live up in this place tonight.” Rhonda says.
“Yeah, look at the beautiful flashing lights. Oh, and that disco ball sets it off!”
“You are right about that!” “The music is nice too.”
“Look at the hotties in here. I wonder if any of them are single.”
“Girl, I know that is right. Maybe we will hook up with one before we leave tonight.”

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